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If you're experiencing a few or more of the following on a fairly consistent basis, therapy for burnout is the right support system for you:

  • Critical and pessimistic view 

  • Disengagement from work 

  • Lack of motivation to work

  • Increased procrastination

  • Impending dread about work 

  • Difficulties sleeping

  • Headaches and stomachaches

  • Experience more frequent colds

  • Aches and muscle pains

  • Weight gain

  • Overly tired

  • Increased feelings of depression

  • Increased anger, frustration or irritability

  • Feeling helpless, trapped or defeated

  • Feeling drained

  • Physical and mental exhaustion

  • Isolate from others

  • Neglecting self-care

  • Coping with drugs or alcohol 

We specialize in counseling professionals experiencing difficulties due to burnout. 

Our therapists are integrative and incorporate several evidence-based treatment models into the therapeutic process. Here are the most common approaches we use to support you: 

As Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors, we have received specialized training in treating every person as a whole, and we help clients heal by taking the entire human being and their life experiences into consideration for assessment and treatment purposes. The goal is to help you strike a balance in taking care of your entire being, so you can effectively tackle and manage your burnout in a way that works best for you.

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Therapy for Burnout 

You are a hard worker and you pride yourself on being the person that always gets the job done. Others rely on you and you have lot on your plate, but you feel immense guilt saying "no" when people have asked too much of you. You are tired of feeling like you always have to pick up the slack and others expectations of you are wearing you thin.

You feel burned out. 

We get it and we're here to help!

We'd love to support you as you unload all of the stressors and pressures that are weighing you down. We are committed to providing a space for you as you process and problem-solve your unique challenges, find relief from being overwhelmed and overworked, and establish that balance you desperately need and deserve. 

Common contributors to burnout:

  • Being overworked

  • Micromanagement 

  • Lack of control 

  • Unclear job expectations

  • Workplace dysfunction

  • Conflict in values

  • Lack of reward or recognition 

  • Lack of social support

  • Work-life imbalance

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) & Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) are therapeutic approaches that are commonly used to help treat stress and overwhelm. These are evidence-based approaches that encourage you to take charge by implementing strategies and techniques that allow you to manage your stress while also advocating for the support you deserve. 

These psychotherapy approaches aid you in understanding the thoughts and feelings that influence your behaviors, and how these behaviors impact your life in certain ways. You gain skills and techniques that assist you in being more in control of how you think, feel and react. 

We incorporate CBT and ACT strategies into our therapy sessions to guide you in identifying and processing the connections between your emotions, thoughts and physical experiences. The goal is to help you break free from self-defeating thoughts, beliefs and behaviors, so you can learn to cope with your burnout and manage it in ways that feel healthier for you.

If you are ready to take the next step, we invite you to connect with us. Our counselors offer a free 15-minute phone or video consultation so you can get a feel for whether we are a good fit for your unique needs.


If you’re interested in learning more, contact us. We'd love to help you get started!

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