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Teen Anxiety: Common Symptoms of Severe or Chronic Teenage Anxiety

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

It’s perfectly normal for teens to experience anxiety. Whether it’s due to an upcoming test, a big project, winning a game, meeting new friends or just about anything else that pops up in their everyday teenage life, anxiety happens. However, for some teens, anxiety may become more chronic or severe, and this heightened level of stress, worry or fear will absolutely interfere with their daily functioning and overall wellbeing. There are several indicators or signs that let parents and teenagers know that an intervention, such as mental health therapy, may be helpful, or necessary, in managing or alleviating teen anxiety.

The following is a list of common signs or symptoms that a teen may experience when they undergo severe or chronic anxiety:

- Upset Stomach

- Migraines or headaches

- Irritable or unhappy

- Meltdowns, mood swings or emotional outbursts

- Racing heart, rapid breathing or panic attacks

- Constant worry or stress

- Trouble relaxing

- Avoiding school or feared situations

- Withdrawal from hobbies, interests or social activities

- Difficulty concentrating or easily distracted

- Constant need for approval or reassurance

- Need for perfectionism or hyper-focused on striving for perfection

- Difficulties falling or staying asleep, sleeping too much or staying up until early in the morning

- Trembling hands or legs

- Fidgety, difficulties sitting still or jumpiness

- Negative thoughts or being overly critical of self

If you or your teenager notices a few or more of the above symptoms occurring daily or multiple times per week, they may just need a little extra support from someone who specializes in anxiety treatment. If you have any questions, or you would like to learn more about your adolescent’s anxiety, please get in touch with me. I’m happy to talk about how I may be of help!




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