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Creative Self-Care for the Soul

Here’s another blog about the dreaded self-care. I’m talking about the deep breathing, muscle tensing, bath soaking, nutritious eating, exercising self-care that everyone seems to loathe. I get it. Some forms of self-care make us cringe. They seem absolutely awful and we just don’t want to do them. If you’re not in to some of the traditional forms of self-care, perhaps you might be yearning for more creative methods to nourish and care for your inner being. I’ve put together a short list to inspire care for the artistic, expressive, experimental, and gifted side of your soul. Enjoy!

  • Paint something imperfect. Embrace the imperfection.

  • Engage your hands. Sew, quilt or crochet something.

  • Create a collage from 1 of your favorite memories.

  • Write a haiku about nature.

  • Photograph 1 object in different environments for 7 days.

  • Color a mandala with a charcoal pencil. Explore shading.

  • Find a picture and re-create it with your medium of choice.

  • Explore objects around the home and discover creative ways to reuse them.

  • Repurpose old furniture. Use paint, felt, cloth, tin, glass, wire, knobs.

  • Bring out your decorative skills in the kitchen. Create, bake, and decorate.

  • Write a short story titled “Do You See Me?”

  • Take yourself out on an artist date.

  • Explore something that interest you.

  • Turn your published content into podcasts.

  • Blend lyrics from your favorite songs to create something new.

  • Dance in the dark. Embrace the movement of your body.

  • Finish a DIY project and gift it to a friend.

  • Create a makeup tutorial using your favorite cosmetics.

  • Create a new hair design and rock it for the day. Twist, braid, curl, scrunch, wave, or roll.

  • Repurpose old jewelry. Blend old and new.

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